How to Pass Your Mobile Emission Testing in Ontario?

ETRH Dec 27, 2022

While it is not possible to completely rid our vehicles of emitting harmful gases, it is well within our control to ensure that the emissions released are reduced to provide a minimum impact on the environment.

In Ontario, Fleet Mobile Emission Testing is required annually if you want to drive your vehicle legally on the road. The emission test aims at calculating the number and amount of harmful gases released into the atmosphere by your vehicle when it is on the road. 

Here are some of the best-recommended ways to pass the test with flying colors and ensure your fleet produces the less harmful gases in the environment:

    • Take your fleet for a spin on the road.


The catalytic converter gets choked up over time and needs cleaning. You can do it manually or take your fleet for a spin on the road. If you drive at high speed, the catalytic converter heats up and clears much of its deposit away. 

You should do it a few weeks before you take your vehicle to a Mobile Emission E Testing Station in Ontario for testing. Moreover, ensure the safety of yourself as well as others on the road while doing this. 

    • Get your check engine light turned off.


Going for an emission test with a blinking check engine light is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The blinking of this light means something is not right with your vehicle. 

    • Refill the engine oil


The efficiency of an engine can significantly improve after a fresh engine oil refill. Once you have fresh engine oil, your fleet will run efficiently and release fewer harmful environmental gases. 

    • Take care of your fleet's routine maintenance.


If you haven't taken your fleet for routine maintenance in a while, your engine oil is likely to be contaminated. It can not only affect your vehicle's performance but also pollute the environment. Routine oil change, filter change, and other routine maintenance are recommended for your vehicle's optimum performance. 

The Mobile Emission E Testing Station in Ontario can save the day!


With 20 years of experience, we take pride in offering the best emission test for your fleet. We are a renowned Mobile Emission E Testing Station in Ontario that allows you to get your vehicles tested at your location. Just let us know the time and date, and our expert will be there to assist you. 

All our services are up to the government standards under the Drive Clean Program. We serve 24 hours a day all across GTA. Call us anytime to get your fleet tested in the best way possible!


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