Ace Your Diesel Emission Test With Etrh!

ETRH Nov 28, 2022

You know your vehicle needs to pass the annual or biannual emission test, but why? What does this test mean? It's difficult to ace the exam when you don't even understand the subject. You might know it has something to do with controlling pollution, but there's more to it. 

Diesel Emission Tests are relatively affordable, but not if you have to retake them. Save your hard-earned cash and ace the exam first time with ETRH. 

Diesel Engine exhaust contains several hazardous substances, including NOx, PAHs, VOCs, particulate, and more. ETRH can accurately measure and assess the exposure risks to these toxic compounds and provide invaluable guidance on necessary control measures. 

We perform Diesel Emission Tests on the following types of vehicles:

    • Transport Trucks
    • Tow Trucks
    • City Trucks
    • School Buses
    • Heavy-Duty Trucks
    • Transit Buses
    • Dump Trucks
    • Motor Homes
    • Refrigerator Trucks
    • Tractor Units
    • Mobile Cranes
    • Log Carriers
    • Trailers
    • Cube Vans
    • Concrete Trucks

The transportation ministry officers and traffic police can stop you anywhere to inspect your vehicle if they suspect:

    • Your truck is releasing excessive exhaust.
    • The emission control tool had been removed or tampered with. 

Not getting your vehicle tested for emissions is not only dangerous for the environment but also threatening to the vehicle, especially if you own a heavy vehicle such as a truck. It can affect fuel efficiency, engine performance, and overheating. So, it's always best to take your vehicle to the nearby Emission Test Centre. 

Contact ETRH for reliable and accurate emission testing

At ETRH, our knowledgeable vehicle inspectors thoroughly inspect your heavy-duty vehicles using top-notch equipment and advanced procedures to ensure your vehicle gives its best performance every time on the road. 

ETRH offers the following services and benefits to customers:

    • With an emission test, ETRH ensures that all types and models of vehicles on the road meet the standard guidelines using hi-tech tools and machines.  

    • During the emission tests, any changes in the emission system are recognized, and repairs are performed to minimize toxic pollutants and control pollution.

    • We offer flexible emission testing solutions to our clients, such as mobile emission testing, to ensure the vehicle is in the best condition.

For more information about our Diesel Emission Test and to know whether your vehicle needs testing, contact us today!


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