What Is the Cost of Fleet Mobile Emission Testing in Ontario?

ETRH Oct 27, 2022

Emission testing is an important thing for any heavy-duty vehicle, such as a truck, trial, etc. However, many people are afraid of getting the testing because of the thought of expensiveness of the process. For your information, we have arrived at this blog to enlighten you about the cost of the emission testing process. Let’s dive into the discussion!

The cost of emission testing facility in Ontario

We are a leading emission testing center in Ontario. Because of the essentiality of emission testing, we offer a mobile facility in which the vehicle owners will avail themselves of the service from the comfort of their homes. Before explaining our fleet mobile emission testing in Ontario, let’s first know the standard cost of the emission testing facility in the city.

The entire testing will be free if you pass the test. However, people had to pay $30 to deal with the entire emission testing process, no matter whether they passed or failed the test. Nowadays, it is chargeable only if you fail the testing.

This means there won’t be any charge until the report is made on the testing, and with the assurance of passing or failing the test, the technicians will give you the relevant charges for the testing. You won’t need to bother about that at all.

At Mobile Truck Emission Test, we will give an idea after proceeding with half of the samples so that you can be prepared if there is a possibility of failing the testing. You may get a glimpse into the time of technicians taking the sample for your vehicle emission.

The mobile facility and the concerned charges

If you think by availing of the mobile emission testing facility, you have to pay more; you are certainly wrong. We don’t charge any extra payouts to offer you mobile testing facility. We strictly follow the standard protocols of Canadian federal law and everything prevailing in the country.

To avail of the mobile testing facility, you can just call us on the given number and book us for your convenient date. Our technicians will visit you at the doorsteps and will collect the sample without giving you any hassle or hardships. You can also connect with Mobile Emission Testing Stations near you and get the costs checked to meet your particular needs!


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