Do I Need to Go to the Emission Test Station for the Test?

ETRH Sep 27, 2022

If you are in Canada, or particularly in Ontario, you won’t need to go to the truck emission test station as you can avail of the e-testing facility. With this facility, you can request e-testing over email or connect with any nearby emission test stations. Once you are connected to the emission testing center, the executives will connect you over the call and get some details regarding the vehicle. You can also get assistance from professionals to resolve your queries and confusion. 

If you connect with us, Mobile Truck Emission Test, you can get all the ease and convenience to get the emission testing. Also, we offer high-tech processes comprising the updated emission control regulation emphasized by the Canadian Transport Authority. The process of the mobile fleet diesel truck emission test is explained in this blog! 

The work process

Our work process is made very convenient and comfortable for people so that they won’t need to bother to get the efficient emission test even a little. The step-by-step process of our Truck emission test involves,

Conversation with the vehicle owners

The first step toward vehicle emission testing involves a conversation with the vehicle owners. We get a request from the customers, and we immediately connect with them over the call to assist them in resolving their queries and doubts. This conversation is very important as we always believe the customers must make a well-informed decision about taking the e-testing emission testing facility.

Getting their appointment for a physical visit

The next important thing is to make an appointment with the owners for a physical visit to collect the samples. We give our customers complete freedom to choose the date and time as per their convenience and comfort.

Taking samples on the appointment day

We then collect the samples from the site. The sample is collected while taking care of the vehicles and their complete details. That is why we collect samples for vehicle parts, engines, the emission, etc.

Laboratory testing

After collecting samples, they are sent to the laboratory for further testing. We have expert and experienced lab technicians to test the samples, and there is no chance of a wrong report with us.

Updating the customers with the progress

We keep the customers updated with the progress of the testing until we send the report to them.

Sending the report by the deadline

We give a tentative deadline to our customers, which is also updated between the 50% completion of the testing. However, we always try to send the report within the given deadline, there is always a possibility to change the time in the end as we never send any vague report just to meet the deadline.

Get in touch with us for a mobile Fleet Diesel Truck Emission Test in Ontario! 


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