What Is the Drive Clean Emission Test Initiative in Ontario?

ETRH Aug 22, 2022

The drive clean initiative is taken in Ontario with a view to mitigating the pollution level and making the region the best for living. Henceforth, all the supportive factors are taken care of by the government and the pollution control board in support of the Truck Emission Test Centre.

The slogan “dive clean” is influenced by the increasing environmental pollution largely because of the increasing number of vehicles. The vehicles emit harmful chemicals and gases, and they harm the environment to a great extent. Let’s know about the drive clean initiative and our contributions to it here in this blog!

History of drive clean emission test


The Drive Clean initiative was introduced in Ontario in April 1999. Unlike other programs or regulations, this initiative didn’t face many inconveniences since its inception. This is because of the conscious citizens who responsibly take the initiative and acknowledge its importance for the betterment of the environment.

The Drive Clean Program includes all heavy-duty trucks, buses, etc., as these vehicles discharge more than the standard or safety level of the noxious gases. That is why with proper measures, ‘drive clean’ is an initiative to safeguard the environment and ensure a pollution-free environment in the region.

Our contribution to the Drive Clean Program


We offer vehicle emission test and repair services with efficient and expert professionals. We have also started mobile emission tests so that we can serve every individual at their doorsteps. Certainly, we have set our service facility for mobile services according to the preferences of the people.

We have taken pride in offering the best mobile emission test for a long time and facilitating the region to be pollution-free. The various facilities offered by us involve,

Mobile emission facilities.

A reputable center amongst Diesel Drive Clean Test Stations Ontario.

The expert technicians.

The country-wide service facility.

The advanced process to make the testing fruitful.

Regular updates on the interval for emission testing.

If you want your vehicle to be ideal for the Drive Clean Program, get in touch with the largest station for emission testing and ensure the best facilities here. Connect with us to know more!


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