Extend the life of your vehicle with our professional Diesel Emissions Test!

ETRH Jun 28, 2022

Environmental issues such as air pollution make vehicle emission testing common. It helps to reduce air pollution and the issues caused by toxic emissions.

Our experienced vehicle technicians follow Provincial guidelines and rules for emission testing and will inspect your vehicle adheres to Ontario mandates. If your heavy-duty vehicle doesn't meet the emission standards during the diesel emission test in York Region, automobile technicians and repairers at ETRH will recommend a few repairs.

Why do you get the Vehicle Emission Test at ETRH?

Technicians at ETRH offer an emission test program named 'Drive Clean Test,' designed and executed to improve the air quality and reduce the emission of toxic pollutants.

Nowadays, these pollutants are harming the ecological system and are harmful to human health, and your vehicle can even tolerate long-term damage when ignored.

Here are the types of vehicles on which knowledgeable technicians perform our emission testing service:

    • Motor Homes
    • School Buses
    • Heavy Duty Trucks
    • Log Carriers
    • Refrigerator Trucks
    • Trailers
    • Mobile Cranes
    • Dump Trucks
    • Cube Vans
    • Tow Trucks
    • Concrete Trucks
    • Transport Trucks
    • City Trucks

Reasons to fail an emission test.

There are several reasons behind the failure of your emission test. One of the major common problems is that the vehicle has run enough to warm up the catalytic converter to start the controlling vehicle's emission. However, if a heavy-duty vehicle still fails the Diesel Emissions Test in York Region, here are a few components of your vehicle that you need to inspect.  

    • Damaged Catalytic Converter
    • Rich Fuel Mixture
    • Vacuum System Leak
    • Defective Ignition System
    • Faulty Air Injection System  

Emission tests performed by our technicians ensure that the vehicles' exhaust emissions meet the standards set by the authority.

At ETRH, knowledgeable vehicle inspectors can thoroughly inspect heavy-duty vehicles precisely with advanced equipment and the highest-quality processes while providing Mobile Emission Tests in Ontario. These measures may also be done with an electronic check through on-board diagnostics.

ETRH customers the following services and benefits:

    • With a vehicle emission test, ETRH ensures that the exhaust emissions of all types of vehicles on the road meet reference values using hi-tech tools and machines.  
    • Thanks to emission tests, any changes in the emission system are recognized, and exterminating these defects minimizes toxic pollutants and controls the pollution.

    • We offer suitable and flexible solutions to our clients and ensure the commercial vehicle's proper condition in Ontario's mobile emission tests.

At ETRH, our skilled automobile technicians are committed to offering you a trusted emission testing service that improves the performance of your vehicle's exhaust system.  


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