Get Vehicle's Emission Testing Service in a Reliable Manner

ETRH May 24, 2022

Vehicle emission tests determine the level of pollutants released from the exhaust section of the vehicle. Many states implement the emission testing program for all registered cars. The provincial government sets the standard and guidelines under which vehicle emissions tests are performed to know the level of pollutants released from the vehicle.

ETRH is a comprehensive diesel repair and service centre in Ontario. We are operating a fully certified emission test center, and our many clients bring their vehicles regularly to take an emission test. We provide one of the best diesel emission testing facilities, including heavy-duty, light-duty, and AWD diesel vehicles. Many organizations or businesses connect with our technicians to get the service of Fleet Diesel truck emission tests to run their business smoothly.

We're a Licensed Vehicle Emissions Testing Facility

ETRH is certified by Drive Clean Ontario as an emissions test center for diesel vehicles. Our technicians have many years of experience in assisting customers with all E-test requirements. ETRH offers fast, accurate testing utilizing the advanced dynamometer and testing tools available. We can do emission tests on all light-utility vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, including all-wheel-drive vehicles.

What are we testing?

The objective of the emission test is to measure the smoke density, opacity, and output from the exhaust pipe and examine the presence of all emission components.

Mobile emission testing

Suppose your vehicle fails to meet Ontario State Emission test guidelines. In that case, our ASE-certified technicians will help you determine the right solution to bring your car into compliance for passing an emission test.

Our technicians are specialized in offering mobile emissions testing for heavy-duty vehicle fleets. There is no need to bring your fleet of diesel vehicles to an emission testing center. Our technicians will come right to you wherever you are!

Whether at your business place, home, garage, or job site, our experts will meet you there. Just make a phone call to us, and we can send our best team to you.

All emission technicians can immediately understand your vehicle's features and give you all the necessary detail to help you pass an emission test without any hassle and quickly.

Transport trucks, cube vans, fire trucks, mobile cranes, city trucks, trailers, dump trucks, pickup trucks, transit buses, tow trucks, and refrigerator trucks; we do it all with our mobile emission testing unit in a cost-effective way.

Visit our website or call us now to request a mobile emission test for a fast and easy on-the-go diesel emissions test in York Region.


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