Why You must Take A Heavy-Duty Truck for Emission Testing?

ETRH Oct 6, 2021

Rapid economic growth is both a cause and a result of rising transportation activity—the ever-increasing desire to move more people and products farther and quicker. The increase in personal and commercial automobiles and the resulting increase in fuel consumption are predicted to continue for several decades. As crucial as more mobility is for raising living, it comes with inevitable negative repercussions. These include a growing reliance on imported fossil fuels, which contribute to climate change and increased emissions of chemicals that harm human health.

Diesel engines are critical power systems for on-road and off-road vehicles. Diesel engines are convenient to repair, inexpensive to operate, and highly durable. Diesel engines are simple to maintain, run, and are incredibly long-lasting. It's not uncommon for a diesel engine to last for years and a million miles. Due to diesel's intrinsic fuel economy compared to conventional spark-ignited gasoline engines, diesel engines may compete with other modern technologies, such as hybrid electric vehicles, in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. The government has made a truck & trailer emission test mandatory as it is the major pollution contributor.

Diesel-powered vehicles are shown to offer a 30-40% fuel economy advantage over gasoline-powered vehicles. This equates to a CO2 emission decrease of almost 20%. Diesel engines provide numerous benefits, but they also have the disadvantage of spewing large volumes of particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) into the atmosphere. Diesel engines also produce harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. According to health experts, pollutants released by diesel engines are detrimental to human health and contribute to acid rain, ground-level ozone, and impaired visibility. According to studies, exposure to diesel exhaust causes lung damage and respiratory issues, and there is substantial evidence that diesel emissions may cause cancer in humans.

Governments worldwide have developed major emission standards to reduce the level of contamination in the environment. E-testing of vehicles is made mandatory for them to run on the roads. However, not every service center offers emission testing for every sized car. Limited technicians and emission inspectors inspect and provide mobile emission testing for heavy-duty vehicles like concrete trucks, trailers, cube vans, dump trucks, city trucks, school buses, and tractors. Heavy-duty diesel vehicles in Greater Toronto Area must be e-tested before they are licensed for road use. However, one should know that the fees vary depending on the type of vehicle, engine type, age of the car, and location. To take a step towards sustainable development, one must make significant steps today, and get your vehicle's emission test done is a great way to ensure environmental safety.

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