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Up-To-Date Equipment

Our team has the most up-to-date equipment to ensure that the emissions test results for your industrial diesel vehicles are 100% accurate.

Mobile Testing

We specialize in mobile emissions testing for heavy-duty diesel vehicle fleets. We are here to service all your company’s e-test needs, no matter where you need us!

Service Across The GTA

The vehicles that we service include all types of heavy duty deisel vehicles all across the GTA; including York Region, Durham Region, Peel Region, Halton Region and more.

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Our Services Include

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Transport Trucks

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Tow Trucks

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City Trucks

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School Buses

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Heavy-Duty Trucks

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Transit Buses

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Dump Trucks

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Motor Homes

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Refrigerator Trucks

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Tractor Units

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Mobile Cranes

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Log Carriers

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Cube Vans

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Concrete Trucks

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Requirements

All vehicle types have their own set of emissions check requirements, as set out by the provincial government. To save you some time, we have brought the provincial requirements for heavy-duty vehicles right here to you.

Heavy-duty diesel vehicles in the Greater Toronto Area are required to be E-Tested before they are licensed for road use.

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Testing Fees

The fees for Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicle Testing are not set by the government, as they are with personal vehicles.

Our fees vary, depending on many factors: type of vehicle, engine size, vehicle age, and vehicle location.

Do you have a larger fleet? The bigger the fleet, the cheaper the per-vehicle rate!

Give us a call and we would be happy to work out a rate that works for you as well as billing options that can be arranged.

Why Do I Need To Get My Company's Vehicles E-Tested?

The Drive Clean test is a program designed and implemented to enhance the air quality and attempt to cut back on emissions.

As pollution on our planet has gotten progressively worse in recent years, it has become increasingly crucial to limit vehicle emissions as much as possible.

As a business owner, you are likely feeling the pressure from the consumer population to bring your company into the realm of eco-friendly, and making sure your vehicles are as clean as possible should be priority #1.

These pollutants are harming the environment, are detrimental to human health and your vehicle can even sustain long-term damage when left unchecked.

As well as those around you, unchecked emissions can harm your employees who must drive the vehicles; and can ultimately result in irreversible effects to their health.

Why Should You Have Your Fleet Tested With ETRH?

One word: mobile. No need to bring your fleet of diesel vehicles to an emissions testing center. We will come right to you. No questions asked!

Whether it is at your home, place of business, jobsite or garage, our technicians will meet you there. Simply give us a call and we can dispatch our nearest unit right to you.

Our emission inspectors can immediately access your vehicles specifications and provide you with all necessary information in order to help you pass your emission test with no hassle; quick and easy.

City trucks, fire trucks, transport trucks, mobile cranes, cube vans, pickup trucks, trailers, dump trucks, log carriers, refrigerator trucks, tractor units; we do it all with our mobile unit in a cost-effective manner!

As well, because we are not a repair center, there will be no forced repair fees if you do not pass your e-test. We will work together with you to help you find the most cost-effective plan to get your vehicles back on the road.

We are Drive Clean Ontario Certified

We are fully certified by Drive Clean Ontario as a Drive Clean Ontario Emission Testing Centre and our team has countless years of expertise to assist you with all your company’s e-test needs.

With our mobile e-test units, we can bring all of our services right to you, wherever you may be!

Call us today at 416 725 2863 or 416 399 5454 to request our mobile unit for a quick and easy on-the-go service. Or contact us today for your FREE consultation for larger fleets and yearly check-up contracts.

Our services meet all of the requirements of the Ontario Drive Clean program.
Click to see if your vehicle needs an e-test according to Ontario law here.

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